Freitag, 2. September 2016

What about today??

Not so active for quite some time, well, as a label.... but I'm still doing some music with my friends. As some of you know, I played in Sidetracked since day one. We never split up, but our singer Jöran moved to berlin and has a new fine band there called New Golden. The remaining three are running a new band as well, called We Laugh. So, if someone would like to, go bitcoin trading profit and check us out.

New Golden and We Laugh


Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Sidetracked Dates + Madame Monster LP in the Plant

So what?? Last entry in march 2013...  We have september right now, summer is nearly over and I spent a lot of time with a bunch of weird things but releasing music. But to be precise: Things go on and on and I actually really enjoy just to consume music, just back to the basics, just good records, good bands, artwork and stuff. I rediscover my passion for simply being a fan, that's great. All you fans of music, you know what I'm talking about.
bitcoin price
But this wasn't meant to be a blog for my emotional and personal output, so let's focus on the little ongoing in the Rising Riot Headquarter:

There is a mentionable amount of miles between us, but the Sidetracked-Four are still around to play some shows in the near future:

31.10.13 PADERBORN. tba
13.12.13 need help. (southbound)
14.12.13 TÜBINGEN. epplehaus, hc winterfest
15.12.13 need help. (northbound)

And moreover: The debut-LP of the bad guys of Madame Monster is in the pressing plant right now. Together with Spastic Fantastic Records we're about to release an onesided and screenprinted and heavy as fuck and awesome sounding piece of 12 inch and I'm really excited to listen to these new songs on vinyl. Hopefully we can do a releaseshow on 04.10.2013 at our homebound club JZ Yellowstone, Oberaden, I think we can. We will see.

More later, thanks....

And again (cause it's so nice....):

Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

What The Morla is going on around here??

Jack of all trades Jörek, actually killing time in berlin, has a new band over there called Morla, emopunk from the past, that's what I suppose. As for now there are no recordings, but the guys have planz. So, let's see what the future brings...

Moreover, this weekend the immortal dinosaurs formaly known as Sidetracked will play a funny show at KAW, Leverkusen. Check the details:

at KAW, Leverkusen: 23.03.2013

We will be there, you should be there. So for now, go ahead, listen to the new comadre LP, think it's a masterpiece, always wished to write one great song like one of these....

Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

142 LP and some showdates

Look what our prodigious friend Maz of Spastic Fantastic Records did with our first and only demo of 142: He took the songs and made an awesome piece of vinyl of it, 10 songs, 7 minutes, onesided flamed and fat vinyl, black and red. And moreover he made a great cutout, screenprint coverartwork on his own without any help of us... This pressing is limited to 112 copies and it's nearly sold out. So, get your copy now, honestly, I love it.....

On the occasion of this release 142 will play one more show. The final show? Nobody knows. Maybe one show a year is enough.

142 live at 15 Years of Horrorbiz Records: 26.04.2013 in JZ Yellowstone Bergkamen.

Although estimable:

Madame Monster live at Frost Punx Picnic: 23.02.2013 in AZ Mülheim,
Madame Monster live at 15 Years of Horrorbiz Records: 27.04.2013 in JZ Yellowstone Bergkamen.

Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

Major Threat Lagerverkauf // Cheapo Action Till Death // 18.01.13

MayTheDave and Me, both fierce heads of the Major Threat Mailorder will do a big Lagerverkauf at JZ Yellowstone at Bergkamen Oberaden. We need some space and have way too much records in stock.

So, 18.01.2013 at JZ Yellowstone: All the records, vinyl, cd's, maybe some tapes and shirts: EVERYTHING 50% OFF!!! Only at this show! Understand?

Background music as below:

Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Shoyu Squad - Misery Delivery Service 7"

Currently I have not so much news here, but I am more than happy to announce the following headline: The panda is back or to be more precise: Shoyu Squad released a new 7" called Misery Delivery Service via Rising Riot Records and Microsleep Records. Well, I made a little video to one of the new songs, hope, you enjoy it.

After all these years hab ich noch immer nichts.....

The 7" is available right now at your favorite record store....